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Our mission at NorthStar Clinical Services is to provide a comprehensive, inclusive, and culturally sensitive program for those seeking treatment for substance use disorder. At NorthStar, we believe each person is unique and deserves the right to a person-centered and evidence-based treatment program. We provide a safe environment where learning and development is encouraged while engaging each individual with dignity and respect.

Core Values​




  • Recovery is a process, not an event, that requires biological, psychological, and social changes which must be implemented daily and is best obtained through education, structure, and support. 

  • Recovery is a partnership between the client, NorthStar, and the client’s support system where change incorporates the entire family unit. 

  • Sober living requires specific life skills that are unique to each individual and are learned and implemented on a daily basis.

  • Treatment is holistically tailored in approach including support of the client’s personal affiliation of programs such as 12-step, SMART recovery, and Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT). 



Statement of Ethical Practice

  • NorthStar Clinical Services does not share personal contact information of any staff or client for any reason.

  • Our website is clearly identified as NorthStar Clinical Services and all clinical inquires via the “contact us” section is solely connected to NorthStar Clinical Services. All inquiries via phone contact or via our website “contact us” are processed strictly by clinical licensed personnel of NorthStar Clinical Services and are processed in HIPPA compliance and are all within operating clinical procedural guidelines as outlined by governing bodies of substance abuse and mental health treatment and protocols.

  • The website of NorthStar Clinical Services is solely owned by stated entity and is created with information available and accessible via public domain.

  • Any links or listed affiliates are listed with prior permission from stated affiliate and/or are available via public domain. 

  • Anyone contacting NorthStar Clinical Services mistakenly will be assisted in providing the telephone contact for the center one intended to contact.  

  • At no time will derogatory comments about competitors or sober support be posted on our site or any form of social media. 

  • NorthStar clinical services will not and does not create false reviews regarding any facet of our services or business practices. We list only legitimate reviews created by active or past clients. 

  • We do not work with or partner with any companies or facilities that are in violation of the code of ethics adopted by the governing bodies of accrediting institutions serving this industry as well as providers of substance abuse, mental health, and medical services. 

  • We do not create nor misrepresent our geographical location in order to create more favorable search responses nor to falsely obtain higher search rankings. Our online inquiries are specific to our actual geographic location. 

  • We do not utilize/take content from other sources without prior permission and/or without providing citation crediting the original provider.

  • NorthStar Clinical Services extends fair and ethical engagement for staff, clients, vendors, families, and any/all affiliates of our daily business practices.  Our service is anchored in dignity and respect for all people regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and place of origin. 

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