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Intensive Outpatient Group Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient (IOP) services at NorthStar Clinical Services utilizes a systems approach to sobriety management and successful freedom from substance use disorder (SUD).  Simple utilization of a zone management construct assists clients in navigating the people, places, and things that otherwise serve as triggers and frequently lead to slips and relapses.  This is an important component to the curriculum taught at NorthStar Clinical Services and a key cornerstone to constructing a life free of alcohol and drug addiction.

group therapy session sitting in a circle

While attending IOP, clients learn to utilize this approach and to implement new skill techniques that anchor behavioral changes or what we term "Structured Ongoing Sobriety" (SOS).  

This system, when implemented on a daily basis, supports abstinent life behaviors and provides a daily approach to sober living.  As an abstinence-based program, NorthStar Clinical Services strongly endorses participation in programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and/or SMART recovery as part of your social support system.  IOP participants are in group three times weekly for three hours each session.  NorthStar offers both a day and evening IOP option.  

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