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NorthStar Clinical Services offers a comprehensive and inclusive program highlighting a three-level approach to treatment of substance use disorders. At NorthStar utilization of a skill-based methodology encourages sobriety obtainment by analyzing and learning about the biological, psychological, and sociological components of sober life management, something unique to our program curriculum and unique to Charlotte and surrounding metropolitan area. Holistic in nature, our program is based in reality and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. We require both group and individual therapeutic engagements and strongly encourage family involvement. 


Additional aspects of our program include:

  • Utilization of only licensed mental health clinicians.

  • CBT therapy which challenges negative self constructs.

  • Dialectical behavior therapy which encourages development of emotional regulation.

  • Motivational interviewing which encompasses looking at motivations of self-defeating behaviors and explores healthier self-resolve and engagement solutions. 

  • Narrative therapy which encourages the creation of new life scripts without displacing honorable past and present positive self attributes. 

  • Weekly and random forensic drug/alcohol screenings to encourage continued sober accountability. 

  • A national and internationally accredited program inclusive of community components.

  • Involvement in on-going university graduate-level research  contributing to community, individual, and family treatment of substance use disorders.

  • Three-day weekly afternoon and evening IOP programming options that exceed all state IOP and OP licensing requirements.   


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